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"one weekend that could change your marriage forever!"

A unique marriage conference that focuses on the fact that Christian marriage is basically two Christians who happened to be married to each other. If each partner's relationship with Christ is the abundant victorious relationship that God wants it to be, the marriage will grow stronger and happier naturally. If instead it is approached as two married people who just happen to be Christians, then the focus will be on the practical steps to a happy marriage instead of on Jesus, who will build a happy marriage by His own life in each of the marriage partners. If Christ is your life and Christ is your spouse's life, then there is no way that you can live in anything but harmony and unity! 

Friday Evening -- Sessions One and Two - Creative and eye-opening teaching sessions!

Saturday - Breakfast is served and Sessions three and four will follow before lunch.  Lunch is served and session five closes out the conference. 

The teaching approach Tim and Debbie use could best be described as tag team.  If time permits there will be a candid question/answer session.

The conference ends with a commitment ceremony reinforcing "ONENESS" in marriage. Each couple will receive a memento of the ceremony.  Couples will also receive a "ONE" MARRIAGE CONFERENCE workbook.

Click on the link below to read a magazine review of our marriage retreat.


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